Thiers Issard 'Le Dandy' Black 6/8 Straight Razor

  • Thiers Issard 'Le Dandy' Black 6/8 Straight Razor
  • Item number 41D-6/8-275-DD-PB
  • ‘Singing’ hollowed round nose straight razor
  • 100% carbon C135 Steel
  • Satin polished blade
  • Anti-slip knurling on the underside of the tang
  • Black synthetic scales
  • Electro-chemical black ‘Le Dandy’ mark on blade
  • Thiers-Issard branding on tang
  • Supplied shave-ready with black leather pouch in Thiers-Issard packaging
  • Forged and ground in the best tradition - handcrafted in France
  • Thiers-Issard - since 1884
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    Thiers Issard 'Le Dandy' Black 6/8 Straight Razor is a 'singing' hollowed round nose straight razor made from 100% carbon C135 steel. The satin polished 6/8" blade features black electro-chemical branding of the 'Le Dandy' mark. The synthetic black scales combined with Thiers-Issard branding on the side and anti-slip knurling on the underside of the tang makes for a classic, refined appearance.

    The Thiers Issard 'Le Dandy' black 6/8 Straight Razor is supplied shave-ready inside a black leather pouch within traditional white Thiers-Issard cardboard packaging. Forged and ground in the best tradition - handcrafted in France. Thiers-Issard - since 1884.

    Your straight razor is delivered shave-ready but covered with a thin layer of grease as protection against rusting. To remove this grease, simply plunge the razor into hot (not boiling) water and wipe it dry afterwards. Before each shave, wash your face with hot soapy water and plunge your blade into the same hot water. Your shave will be much improved as a result. Always dry your razor after use.

    Maintenance Instructions:

    This straight razor has been thoroughly checked by the qualified workers and operators in the Thiers-Issard workshop. Thiers-Issard guarantee that this razor is free from stains, deep scratches or chips on the blade and handle. The razor blade has been oiled with Vaseline in order to prevent it from rusting. You should check the condition of your razor immediately the day you receive and unpack it. Please contact us right away should you notice any defect. Subsequently, your razor should be maintained properly:

    • After each shave, dip the razor blade into hot water then wipe it gently with a soft cloth.
    • Never store a wet razor, without protection, or in a wet room.If you do not shave every day, lubricate the razor blade with Vaseline oil.
    • Make sure to replace your razor in its original protective case after use to minimise the risk of nicking the edge.
    • Resting your razor every other day allows it to restore its sharpness.
    • A well-maintained Thiers-Issard razor lasts a lifetime.

    How to sharpen your straight razor:

    • To obtain a perfect sharpening, you should move the razor diagonally across the strop from top to bottom and bottom to top, always leading with the spine and using the full length and width of the strop.
    • During sharpening, be sure that the razor stays flat on the leather strop with both the back and edge of the razor in constant contact and not at an angle.
    • Between each sharpening stroke, always pivot the razor on its back and not the cutting edge. The razor back should be in constant contact with the leather.
    • Do not hit your razor on the strop or apply heavy pressure.
    • The leather of your strop should always be kept clean. Before each sharpening, it is recommended to pass the palm of your hand over it to remove any dirt that might be present.
    • If using a sharpening paste, apply to the roughest side of the strop and leave the smoothest side of the strop with no paste at all. Do not apply to much paste as it can damage the razor edge.
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