Morgan’s Pomade is the oldest independent manufacturer of hair and beauty products in England. First founded in 1873, today Morgan’s can be found throughout barbershops and homes worldwide.

Based in Whitstable, Kent, Morgan’s combines old-fashioned values with the latest manufacturing techniques, allowing them to create high quality grooming products at affordable prices.

Morgan's Cooling Hair Tonic 250ml
Morgan's Sea Salt Spray
Morgan's Beard Softening Elixir
Morgan's Glazing Hair Tonic
Morgan's Shaving Cream
Morgan's Shaving Cream 150ml
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Morgan's Grooming Spray
Morgan's Beard & Moustache Wax
Morgan's Beard Wash
Morgan's Beard Wash 100ml
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Morgan's Luxury Beard Cream
Morgan's After Shave Balm
Morgan's Grooming Hair Tonic
Morgan's Hair Cream
Morgan's Hair Cream 120ml
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Morgan's Anti-bacterial Medicated Soap 80g

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