Fatip Razors are noted for their style, handling and safety. Superb Razors from Italy.

The Fatip safety razor was created in the midst of the Milanese economic boom of the 1950s — a time of reconstruction and revival when man, his style and his rituals regained importance in a new and dynamic society.

Today, the Fatip razor is used and appreciated all over the world for its style, handling and safety. A cult instrument and 100% made in Italy, it is a fine representative of the Italian art of shaving. A unique tool for unique experiences.

Fatip Grande Gold DE Safety Razor
Fatip Grande Black Metal DE Safety Razor
Fatip Grande Black Metal DE Safety Razor
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Fatip Grande Chrome DE Safety Razor
Fatip Grande Nickel DE Safety Razor
Fatip Small Nickel DE Safety Razor

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Fatip Razors are ambassadors of the “pleasure of shaving” and among the finest examples of superb Italian craftmanship for style, handling and saftey when it comes to mens grooming and shaving razors.