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Whether you prefer to keep your body hair trimmed, completely smooth or au naturel is down to personal preference. However, if you choose to shave, using one of the best razors for women will maximise comfort and effectiveness.

Our range of safety razors for women from first-rate brands Edwin Jagger, Parker and Merkur can help you achieve a close and controlled shave in hard to reach areas due to the handles’ enhanced grip.

All of our ladies razors are also refillable, so you can easily replace the blades whenever they become blunt. Whereas disposable razors, which last for fewer shaves, need throwing away and replacing when dull.

Continuing to use a dull razor blade can cause shaving bumps and rashes. For further defence against these symptoms, we also offer women’s razors suitable for sensitive skin.

If shaving is your go-to method for removing body hair, upgrade your grooming routine with a lady shaver from our collection that glides seamlessly for a quicker and more convenient experience.

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