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If you’re growing out your beard or rocking a fashionable moustache, you’ll need the proper tools to keep your facial hair looking its best. Beard wax (also known as moustache wax or beard balm) is one of the best beard styling products for fixing and shaping your facial hair.

From traditional Taylor of Old Bond Street to quirky Captain Fawcett’s, The English Shaving Company is proud to stock a diverse range of excellent waxes designed to tame unruly hairs, soften your facial hair and leave an exquisite fragrance that lingers throughout the day. Beard wax and moustache wax are an essential part of any man’s beard grooming kit.

Muhle Beard Wax 50ml
Muhle Beard Wax 50ml
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Proraso Beard Care Tin (Wood & Spice)
Morgan's Beard & Moustache Wax
Clubman Pinaud Beard Balm
Edwin Jagger moustache wax- Aloe Vera
Captain Fawcett's Ylang Ylang Moustache Wax 15ml
Captain Fawcett's Ylang Ylang Moustache Wax 15ml
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So, you’re looking to style your beard or hair using special products? The English Shaving Company is here to help. If you’re a hair care enthusiast, you may already know this stuff and you’re just looking for some new tips and tricks. However, for others, this may be new to you.

Among the diverse range of beard and hair styling products that we stock, beard waxes and moustache waxes are some of the best sellers. Soft waxes tame wispy hairs to leave your beard and hair soft and smooth, give your beard and moustache more texture and volume, and define a firm shape so you always look professional.

Before use, ensure the moustache wax is warm and pliable. After combing your facial hair with a specially designed beard or moustache comb, scoop out a pinch of wax with your finger and thumb and apply the wax evenly to your moustache, working gently from centre outwards and shaping the moustache hair right to the ends. The same technique can be applied to beard hair, starting from your chin and working outwards to give your beard a strong hold and attractive appearance. For a stiffer finish repeat with further wax.

However, it is worth noting that moustache wax and beard wax are primarily designed as styling products, not healthcare products. If you’re growing out your beard, you need to keep it clean and healthy by pairing moustache wax with other beard styling products, such as beard oil, beard wash, beard trimmers and other beards tools. Beard oil softens, tames and hydrates all types of facial hair while also promoting thickness and growth with regular use. Beard wash cleanses your facial hair, moisturising and exfoliating the hair to remove dirt and debris without stripping away your beard’s natural oils. Electric beard trimmers are a modern way to control the length of your facial hair easily and effectively when you only have time for a quick trim.

Combined, these styling and grooming products represent the very best beard care kit for any man who takes pride in his facial hair. The English Shaving Company is proud the stock such high-quality beard care products from some of the world’s most reputable brands. If you want to jazz up your moustache with an exquisite and unique fragrance, look no further than the extensive Captain Fawcett’s range of moustache waxes. Alternatively, the modern man can’t go wrong with Swagger & Jacks’ contemporary Moustache Wax. If you’re looking to go all in or have a bearded friend who needs to show his facial hair some TLC, Proraso’s new Wood & Spice Beard Care Tin is the perfect solution.