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The English Shaving Company

  • Holiday Grooming Tips

    With all the sunshine, chlorine swimming pools, and extra sweat, holidays can be a tough time for skin and beards. In all the excitement, it’s important you don’t forget to look after your skin and facial hair. The English Shaving Company have put together some holiday grooming tips to ensure your skin and beard stay healthy and happy throughout your trip.

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  • History of Shaving

    Throughout the history of shaving, beard styles, grooming and shaving have had major cultural significance. Beards have acted as a way to show personal and cultural identity, to mark belonging to a group, or to set oneself apart from the crowd. The English Shaving Company have compiled a guide to the history of shaving. If you think the hipsters of today value their facial hair, wait to you see how seriously some of our ancestors took shaving... Continue reading

  • How to Look Awake in the Morning

    We’ve all peered into the mirror to decide if we look as sleepy as we feel - and the results aren’t always encouraging! The snooze button or a large mug of coffee are tempting solutions, but there are some simple skin care tips you can build into your routine to help you look awake in the morning -- and feel more awake too! Continue reading

  • The Best Shaving Soap

    Not too long ago, The English Shaving Company brought you a guide to the best shaving creams with 7 of our favourite products. However, for the perfect close shave, a lot of men opt for shaving soap as they prefer the slightly different lathering quality and longevity of the soap. To tailor for every shave, we’ve put together our top 5 soaps to help you find the best shaving soap for your needs.

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  • Why Does Aftershave Burn?

    Many men consider aftershave to simply provide a luxurious finish to a shave, much like a woman applying perfume. It’s not necessary, but it makes you smell nice! It means that when people experience that aftershave burn, they often simply decide not to use it. However, aftershave is a vital component in a shave that protects your skin, as well as giving a fragrance. So we’re tackling the question - why does aftershave burn and what can you do to stop it?

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  • Thicker Beard Tips and Tricks

    When you’re growing a beard, you’re likely to have an image in mind involving a thick, soft, and impressive tuffet of facial hair. It can be disappointing when you inspect your tash to find only a thin spread. The English Shaving Company have all the tips and tricks to help you get a thicker beard.

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  • Beard Care in the Summer

    We’ve recently enjoyed the hottest early May bank holiday on record. It was fantastic weather for BBQs, trips to the coast, and relaxing in the garden, but our skin and beards aren’t always too happy when it gets hot. The English Shaving Company have put together a guide of the best beard care tips to get you through the summer months.

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  • Sea Sponge: Using a Natural Sponge in your Hygiene Routine

    You might have only come across a sea sponge in pictures of the ocean, but they’re actually a very popular, renewable product for your bathroom. They effectively exfoliate your skin, as well as building up a lather with your soap. Find out more about sea sponges and how they could benefit your hygiene routine with this guide from The English Shaving Company.

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  • Beard Wax

    There are so many different products available to tame, groom, and perfect your beard, it can be hard to know which would work best for your style and type of beard. This quick guide to beard wax will help you to discover all you need to know about beard wax and how it can benefit your style.

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  • Shaving Sensitive Skin - How the Experts Do It

    More and more men report that they have sensitive skin. For the majority of these people, skin sensitivity will not be a result of their natural skin type, but rather the way they shave. The English Shaving Company have the best tips for shaving sensitive skin, with proven methods to stop skin sensitivity.

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