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Abbate Y La Mantia Monet Shaving Soap

Abbate Y La Mantia Monet Shaving Soap
Product Code: MONET

  • Abbate Y La Mantia Monet Shaving Soap

  • Made in Italy

  • 100% organic fomula

  • Protects skin against natural elements

  • Unique and experimental fragrance

  • Inspired by floral garden's of Claude Monet's house

  • Water lily scent

  • Made up of saffron pistils and Italian rosehip

  • Packaged in attractive cardboard box with wax seal and string

  • Contains alcohol, castor oil, menthol, and a range of face-friendly ingredients

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A family owned farm, Abbate y La Mantia has been cultivating pure saffron for over 10 years among the beautiful Maremma countryside hills near Grosseto, Tuscany. The Abbate Y La Mantia Monet Shaving Soap is a beautifully floral fragranced organic soap.

This new formula is 100% vegetable based, offering a particularly kind and welcoming protection for all types of skin.

The natural ingredients used are designed to treat skin against natural elements, such as UV rays.

Through their innovative products, Abbate y La Mantia try to push male and female shavers alike back towards the wonders of nature.

Each fragrance, each natural element, and each sensory combination will always be something experimental and unique.

The Monet scent is inspired by the floral gardens of Claude Monet’s house, ‘the pink house in the small town of Giverny, north of Paris’. The floral scent of water lily (Monet’s favourite flower) and pink branding displayed on the tub of the soap are designed to reflect this.

Tuscan saffron pistils and Italian rosehip make up the base of this beautifully designed shaving soap.

The Abbate Y La Mantia Monet Shaving Soap pairs perfectly with the Abbate y la Matia Monet After Shave, offering a delightful shaving experience from start to finish. The floral notes in the aftershave splash will allow for a longer lasting continuation of the scent found in the shaving soap.

For best results, use with a high-quality shaving brush, applying just a small amount and lathering up well.

The soap comes in a screw top tub for ease of use, featuring beautiful artwork of the French based painter.

The tub is packaged attractively in a small cardboard box, featuring the nicely designed Abbate y La Mantia stamp of approval for authenticity and finished off with string.

A fine scent, certain to leave a lasting impression.


Customer Reviews

Monet soap
Great performing vegetal soap - good lather and great post shave skin condition. Scent is always different to other brands and smells just as advertised on packaging - this one has scent of rose, not artificial, but just what you'd smell on the breeze while walking through an English rose garden in summer. Pure luxury and oozes class.
Review by K Burns / (Posted on 30/08/2019)
Top tier shaving soap.
This is the first soap that is made by AYLM themselves (previous soaps have been made for them by TFS) so it's a new soap base. The quality of this soap is undeniable and the performance is outstanding. This is top tier soap.

The scent of the Monet is interesting. I don't really know how water lilies smell, but this is a both flowery and sweet but masculine scent. May not be everyone's cup of tea but I enjoy it very much.

The tin is very wide and half filled so it's easy to load from it. As this is a croap the price is higher than might seem compared to a hard soap of the same size (which would last many times longer). It's worth it, though.
Review by Steve / (Posted on 22/08/2019)

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