Abbate y La Mantia Crumiro Shaving Soap 150ml

Abbate y La Mantia Crumiro Shaving Soap 150ml
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  • Made in Italy

  • 150ml tub

  • Made using saffron

  • Italian style soft soap/hard cream

  • Sweet & traditional fragrance


The Abbate y La Mantia Crumiro Shaving Soap is designed for those who love sweets and traditional fragrances.

As with all of their shaving soaps, the base is saponified with the active ingredients of saffron but this time with the fragance of Krumiri biscuit added - a Tuscan delicacy originating from Casale Monferrato in 1878.

Naturally brown and lumpy in appearance - the soap has an interesting texture that makes for a fantastically smooth shaving experience - just as if it were made of butter, the main ingredient in the Krumiri biscuit.

Saffron features:

CAROTENOIDS - They fight free radicals, which are responsible for cellular ageing. They have antioxidant and anticancer effects and they help against the decay of brain cells. Saffron has the highest content of carotenoids (1000 times more than that of a carrot). It contains soluble carotenoids, so they can be very easily assimilated.

VITAMIN B1 - Very important for the metabolism (it transforms sugar into energy).

VITAMIN B2 - Necessary for  cellular metabolism, it strengthens the immune system and helps assimilate iron.

*VITAMIN B1 and VITAMIN B2 are present in saffron in abundance. Moreover saffron also contains a large quantity of vitamin C and B6.

SAFRANALE - It activates the metabolism, is assimilated very fast, and makes it easier to produce gastric juices which help digestion. The safranale is the element which determines the typical saffron smell.

Customer Reviews

Great scent, Overpriced
Soap quality is 6/10. Scent is a very tasty biscuit 9/10. There are better soaps for the price.
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 14/08/2020)
Good quality
Great soap and easy to lather , I get a scent of chocolate biscuit which is nice and the packaging is very nice impressive
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 16/03/2020)
First time use of AYLM. Comes in spiffy cardboard box (with the name of the soap printed on the side) wrapped in twine with a wax seal with Italian flag ribbon - very fancy. Tin is a good size providing room to load. Scent for me is almost undetectable which is a bit of a downer as it's half of the experience for me - though it would be a good option for those with a more sensitive sense of smell. Soap produces a great lather easily, gives good cushion, is plenty slick and has a nice moisturising post-shave feel. My sensitive skin suffered no ill effects. The £17 price is in the higher price bracket presumably due to the ingredients which include saffron; I bought it on sale at £14.45 and free shipping which I thought was good value. I would not be prepared to pay full price and shipping for this though as there are better soaps out there in that price bracket in my opinion. Overall an above average soap for an above average price. Glad I tried it but probably won't replace it once it's gone.
Review by Mister H / (Posted on 18/01/2018)