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The Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor

The Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor
Product Code: BBRCT

The Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor

  • Classic foldable cut throat razor

  • For use with disposable double-edge razor blades

  • Modern adaptation of the classic straight razor

  • Disposable blades not included


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The Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor is based on the same idea as the straight razor but allows you to change the blades, meaning you don't have to worry about sharpening your razor but can still enjoy the pleasures of an extremely close shave.

This cut throat razor comes in a plastic slip case making it ideal for travel. It is compatible with any regular double edge razor blade readily available in most supermarkets, pharmacies, and online. These need to be snapped in half prior to insertion into the cut throat razor.

Length: 22cm (fully open)

Fits all standard DE razor blades - instructions for use included in the box. Why not try with the Bluebeards Revenge DE Razor Blades 10 Pack?

Instructions for use:

  1. With the blade still in its individual wrapping, carefully bend lengthwise until the blade snaps. Open wrapper and place to one side.
  2. Pull back the top hinged cover of the cut throat razor until it is fully opened.
  3. Use the indent at the rounded end to split the blade holder so that the cut throat razor is now fanned out into three parts.
  4. Carefully take one half of the previously snapped blade and place against the location pins on the razor.
  5. Carefully close the other half of the blade holder over the blade until the pins nestle in the holes. If the blade moves slightly, lightly push the blade back into position using something other than your fingers! Push the hinged cover back over the blade holder - a small portion of the edge of the blade should now be showing evenly.
  6. Congratulations! You are now ready to commence shaving with your cut throat razor.

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Customer Reviews

A great, cheap way to start on the road to manliness
I get bad razor-burn, particularly with multiple-blade razors, so single-blade has always been my best bet. And no lie: a cut-throat seems way more macho than a single-blade Bic disposable or even a fancy safety razor. I'll feel much less like a fraud wearing my leather jacket and drinking tequila straight from the bottle.

But I'm not stupid: not going to spend a ton of cash on a full-blown, stainless steel straight razor, refurbished or not, and all the accoutrements like a strop and strop-maintenance wax, until I know I can trust myself not to end up looking like Heath Ledger's Joker.

This was a great idea - got it with blades from the same brand, some cheap-but-excellent Arko soap, and a basic badger brush that does the job. It's decently-priced, is solidly made, is well-balanced, has a cheesy-yet-badass brand name, and I realised it's not as difficult as I thought. A couple of nicks of protruding pores, but that's it. An incredibly satisfying shave, no razor-burn, easy to fit blades to (once you know how - check YT, there aren't any instructions, sadly), and my manly swagger is finally unassailable. I also have whiskey for breakfast, and my car's brake is now referred to as "The Coward Pedal".
Review by Razor Ramon / (Posted on 16/10/2019)
Fun, relaxing shaving experience
You get what you pay for and then a bit more, I have used this razor 4 times, I used the Gillette 7 o'clock blades and I've genuinely enjoyed using my first straight razor and learning with this solid feeling piece.

I would happily have spent 50% more and not thought twice about it, I will however caution you that this is not a quick use item, it takes a bit of caution and practise.
Review by Alex Southwest / (Posted on 31/03/2019)
cut throat razor
This is a neat little cut throat razor at a keen price. Used with classic DE razor blades that you snap in half before use. Comes with instructions and not as difficult to use as it sounds!
Review by eggy / (Posted on 09/04/2018)
new impressions
High quality, conveniently lies in the hand.
My first Shavet. For everyday shaving is not very convenient, but it gives a new experience. After her, the classic safe razor is like a cassette gilet.
Review by vladimir / (Posted on 16/05/2017)