Abbate y La Mantia

A family owned farm, Abbate y La Mantia has been cultivating pure saffron for over 10 years among the beautiful Maremma countryside hills near Grosseto, Tuscany.

Born of a pure passion to bring the wonderful benefits of saffron to as many people as possible, the family turned their attention to shaving soap. Wishing to make saffron the main and most important ingredient of the soaps – the idea can be expressed as ‘saponified saffron’ rather than ‘saffron scented soap’.

Each fragrance, each natural element, and each sensory combination will always be something experimental and unique. Through their innovative products, Abbate y La Mantia try to push male and female shavers alike back towards the wonders of nature.

Abbate Y La Mantia Vegano After Shave
Abbate Y La Mantia Vulcano After Shave
Abbate y La Mantia Vegano Shaving Soap
Abbate y La Mantia Crumiro Shaving Soap
Abbate y La Mantia Crumiro Shaving Soap 150ml
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