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Using an effective, traditional razor will both improve the quality and enjoyment of your shave, as well as the way your skin feels and looks afterwards. We sell a wide range of mens razors made by our flagship brand Edwin Jagger, along with reputable brands Parker, Gillette, Muhle, Rockwell and Feather

The English Shaving Company aim to turn what can feel like a daily chore, into a pleasurable ritual with our extensive choice of expertly manufactured wet shaving razors for both men and women. We have selected the finest razors for wet shavers to achieve the closest shave possible that leaves the skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated, not irritated. 

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Which is the right men’s razor for you?

The right razor can make the difference between a truly enjoyable experience and one which you dread because of nicks and cuts or the general ineffectiveness of your shaving instrument. Our range of double-edge safety razors, cartridge razors, straight razors, and ladies razors from various manufacturers can help you dial in your shaving routine to be the best it can be.

If you’re struggling to make a choice, check out some of our helpful blog posts including information on choosing the best double-edge safety razor or electric razor for you, shaving with a straight razor, and how switching to a safety razor can be a much more eco-friendly way to shave.

Tip: Remember using a quality shaving cream or soap is key to enhancing your shaving result and avoiding irritation!