Dovo Organically Tanned XL Leather Strop

  • Dovo Organically Tanned XL Leather Strop
  • Total length approx 57cm
  • Total width approx 8cm
  • Made with premium Russian leather
  • Single sided
  • Nickel plated swivelling hoop for hanging during use and storage
  • Extra wide surface for ease of use
  • Perfect for sharpening all types of straight razor
  • Product number 180 80002
  • Made in Solingen, Germany 
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  • Product Description

    The Dovo Organically Tanned XL Leather Strop is a hanging strop made from genuine cowhide, using premium grade organically tanned leather.

    It's one of the widest strops on the market with a width of 8cm - this should allow the user to sharpen their straight razor without needing to use the usual figure-of-eight pattern required with thinner strops.

    This single sided Dovo leather strop is made using the finest Russian leather, and measures in at 57cm in length.

    The nickel plated swivelling hoop allows hanging of the strop - the user then pulls the strop tight before commencing the stropping.

    Made in Solingen, Germany By Dovo.


    There are two important rules when stropping the razor: always strop prior to the shave, and rest the blade for a minimum of 48 hours (preferably longer) between shaves.

    While a wedge-shaped straight razor can be used with a handheld strop, a classic hanging strop made of fine leather is preferable for half or full hollow ground razors. The hanging strop features a swivel grommet for hanging, and many also come with a canvas strap on the backside. It is recommended to use a leather balm without sharpening properties to maintain the leather side. The leather balm should be thinly applied by the heel of hand or with a cotton cloth, then polished with the cloth ensuring no fatty layer of balm remains.

    Before stropping, check the leather is clean and undamaged. Fine metal splinters that came off the razor during the previous stropping can damage the blade. Perform the stropping by applying the cutting edge and the spine of the razor simultaneously onto the tightened strop. Move the blade carefully across the strop - without pressure, but in constant contact with the leather surface and always leading with the spine. The blade must only be turned over the spine before stropping in the opposite direction. Turning it over the cutting edge will destroy the ridge which only a professional grinding can fix.

    Dropping the razor onto a hard surface or allowing the cutting edge to touch the scales usually renders the razor unusable. Therefore, it is important that the blade is fitted carefully into the gap between the scales when it is folded together. Be careful, as the scales can sometimes slightly warp when exposed to changes in temperature. If the edge is damaged, mere stropping won’t do - a proper regrind and stropping by a skilled worker will be required.

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