Clubman Pinaud Club Mend Bump Repair Gel 118ml

Clubman Pinaud Club Mend Bump Repair Gel 118ml
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  • Clubman Pinaud Club Mend Bump Repair Gel 118ml

  • Presented plastic bottle

  • Repairs irritated skin and prevents scarring

  • Made in USA


Made in the USA, Club Mend bump repair gel helps repair irritated skin and prevents scarring. The gel formula is applied directly to face, with no need for cotton pads. Bacterial fighting formula destroys impurities that block pores. Can also be used as treatment for trouble spots.

Wash face and hands. Squeeze into your palms. To use as an all-over treatment, massage into your face and neck. To use as a spot treatment: apply to the affected area twice a day. (Do not apply to open wounds, blemishes or cuts). Do not dry off, the product will absorb into the skin.

Customer Reviews

Worth getting if you suffer from razor bumps.
I don't have particularly sensitive skin but I do get ingrowing hairs, so I thought I would give this a try. Applied generally after shaving it cools the skin, in the same way as an alcohol-based after shave does, which worried me at first as I don't use anything with alcohol in it. I'm not sure what the ingredients are but it did not dry my skin like an after shave and, instead, left it with a nice smooth feeling. I have to say as well, no razor bumps and ingrowing hairs! I haven't used it on individual bumps yet, just generally on the skin, but I do think it is worth applying a small amount after shaving. It's a small bottle but should last as you only need a bit.
Review by Dave M / (Posted on 16/09/2016)
Nice product and a fast delivery
Used this product for a few weeks and has almost rid me of my shaving bump/ingrown hair problem.Would recommend this product for those with similar problems
Review by lawman / (Posted on 13/09/2016)