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Valobra Menthol Soft Shaving Soap

Valobra Menthol Soft Shaving Soap
Product Code: V0102C

  • Valobra Menthol Soft Shaving Soap

  • 150g soft shaving soap, almost cream like consistency

  • Rich with natural coconut and menthol oil

  • Incredibly rich and creamy lather

  • Leaves the skin feeling soft and supple

  • Cool and refreshing menthol fragrance

  • Delicate on sensitive skin

  • Made in Italy

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Valobra Menthol Soft Shaving Soap is a wonderfully performing soft shaving soap. It creates a thick and luxurious lather leaving the skin feeling soft and supple, and works best when used with a shaving brush. Soft and malleable, it can be easily used with a shaving bowl, or lathered directly on to the face.

Cool and refreshing menthol fragrance.

Made in Italy by Valobra who have been making various soaps for domestic use for over 100 years.

Customer Reviews

Nothing Less Than Excellent
This soap is in a malleable block allowing it to fit most sizes of shaving mug or bowl. Once in a bowl it renders a rich lather with refreshing scent and a pleasing menthol kick, not too strong but fresh. It reacts well with multiple blade cartridge razors and provides excellent lubrication without being slippy or greasy. Despite being soft the block lasts well does not become waterlogged and provides a good lather right to the end. I now use this regularly and prefer it to other hard soaps now. I would rate this as nothing less than excellent
Review by John / (Posted on 06/03/2019)