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Tabula Rasa Light Creme Shaving Soap

Tabula Rasa Light Creme Shaving Soap
Product Code: TRSSCREME

  • Tabula Rasa Light Creme Shaving Soap

  • Hard cream/soft soap, or 'croap' style

  • Mild and soothing milky aroma

  • Handmade in Berlin, Germany

  • Contains nurturing & relieving Stimutex

  • Great for sensitive/allergy-prone skin

  • 90g of soap presented in plastic tub

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Tabula Rasa Light Creme Shaving Soap boasts a mild and soothing milky aroma - tender but interesting with Iso E Super. Produces a rich, thick lather providing exceptional cushion and glide. Leaves skin feeling smooth, soft, and hydrating for many hours after shaving - an exceptional shaving soap.

Tabula Rasa is a handmade soft shaving cream of stearin, coconut butter and mango butter. For skin care it contains the active ingredient STIMUTEX AS from Switzerland. Stimutex AS contains argan oil, shea butter and millet extract. It is very soothing to irritated skin, itching and inflammation.

Tabula Rasa shaving soap production is limited by the fact that everything is handmade and the manufacturing is a lengthy one.

The first Tabula Rasa Shaving Soap was a non-perfumed soap. The idea was to create a product for very sensitive skin and for allergic people. Since then, many enticing fragrances have been introduced.

For the best shaving results with Tabula Rasa, we have the following instruction for our customers:

  1. Moisten shaving brush and shake out well
  2. Spread a hazelnut-sized portion of Tabula Rasa over the palm of your hand using the shaving brush
  3. When the hand appears evenly covered with soap, squeeze the lather with your fingers from the brush and hold it in your palm
  4. Repeat the process a few times, whipping the soap into a very thick foam until it holds its shape