Solomon's Beard

Solomon’s Beard was born of the desire to create an Italian brand for those who make their beard their life partner!

Thanks to a combined 30 years’ experience as barbers, the creators of Solomon’s Beard could transmit traditional barbershop culture to their men’s grooming products. The goal was to create a unique line of natural products which were able to meet the needs of the most demanding beardmen. After dozens of tests, Solomon’s Beard was born.

The natural ingredients and essential elements were selected to help cure, preserve, and beautify the beard. The choices of black pepper, vanilla mixed with woody essences, and papaya and cupacu make these products indispensable for a passionate beard wearer.

Solomon’s Beard encapsulates the style, taste, and authenticity of the true ‘Made in Italy’ product.

Solomon's Beard Black Pepper Beard Soap
Solomon's Beard Bitter Almond After Shave Cream

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