In 1999, the founders of Layrite proudly opened the doors of their first Classic Barber Shop and Shaving Parlour. The rockabilly shop was built to emanate a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of a real man’s sanctuary; time-warping customers back into the 40s.

The greasy pomades used by a majority of their customers often made for a difficult cut. These greasy dilemmas inspired the Layrite creators to begin experimenting with different kinds of pomade. Selecting their favourite elements from each product they tried, they set about creating their own formula for a strong pomade that easily washed out with just water. After much research and experimentation, Layrite Deluxe Pomade was introduced in 2001.

An instant hit with customers, Layrite have since grown their 'modernly classic' grooming line to reach an international audience. Always tested and approved by barbers with customer feedback at the heart of the creative process, Layrite grooming products help create the perfect style every time.

Layrite Supershine Hair Cream

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