La Savonniere du Moulin

Life at the Mill is beautiful and serene. At Moulin de Chantraine, the animals have all the space they desire. Mother and son duo Laurence & Mathieu look after their 11 donkeys across five hectares of land.

Donkey milk contains numerous vitamins, trace elements, phospholipids, essential fatty acids, amd ceramides, giving anti-ageing, softening, and nourishing properties. Donkey milk is a natural tensor for the skin; it is said that it was donkey milk baths that Cleopatra, Poppaea and Nefertiti used to maintain their beauty and youth.

Despite being a small, family owned venture, all Savonniere du Moulin soaps are manufactured under medical control from organic raw materials. They are registered with the AAFASSPS (French Agency for the Safety of Health Products) are certified organic by the Bureau Véritas.

Mathieu says: “I am a very small business and really enjoy making soaps, and those are the things I want to share with you. All the plants and flowers I use come from my own garden, even the donkeys use them! The honey comes from one of my 9 beehives, that I personally take care of.”

“I love this life, seeing baby donkeys growing up, when they ask for more food in winter... this natural life is what makes me happy.”

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