The first French manufacturer to relaunch styling wax on the French market in 1989 - right from the start, Hairgum has always been committed to men with dedicated professional product ranges, especially hairstyling pomades packed in an iconic old shoe polish can. For years now, the brand has been strategically expanding all over the world and is now a key stakeholder in the men's grooming market with a complete styling and barbering assortment.

Hairgum puts a lot of passion and energy into every product - developing original product ranges with their plant extract based formulation and their high active ingredient concentration. Whilst taking its inspiration from nature for its fragrances and textures, Hairgum exceeds expectations of professionals with regards to efficiency and results.

In 2018, Hairgum returned to their roots, launching Hairgum Origines, a complete premium range of grooming essentials for men, certified organic by Cosmos. Hairgum Origines is a selection of the finest ingredients, a return to the recipes of the past, free of all superfluous ingredients but tailored to men, their rituals, and their requirements.

Hairgum is playing the innovation card with original high quality professional products. Technology and human know-how are at the heart of the production of each product… for you.

Hairgum Origines Hair & Beard Styling Paste
Hairgum Origines Organic Beard Oil
Hairgum Origines Organic Hair & Beard Shampoo
Hairgum Barber Shop Castor Beard Oil
Hairgum Barber Shop Special Beard Shampoo
Hairgum Barber Shop After Shave Cream
Hairgum Fiber+ Styling Pomade
Hairgum Fiber + Styling Pomade 100g
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Hairgum Water+ Styling Pomade
Hairgum Water + Styling Pomade 100g
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Hairgum Matt Hair Styling Pomade
Hairgum Classic Hair Styling Pomade

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