The Fatip safety razor was created during the years of the Milanese economic boom during the 1950s, a period of reconstruction and revival. A time when man, his style, and his rituals regain importance in a new and dynamic society.

In the 1980s the production of the razor was transferred to small town of Premana, near Lake Como - a renowned area for Italian craftsmanship, particularly for its handmade cutting objects which are considered unique and exclusive.

Today the Fatip razor is used and appreciated all over the world for its style, handling, and safety. A cult instrument, it is a fine representative of the Italian art of shaving. Fatip safety razors are 100% made in Italy. The base metal is brass, which is then plated in the various finishes.

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Fatip Grande Gold DE Safety Razor
Fatip Grande Gold DE Safety Razor
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