Boellis Panama 1924

The tradition of the barber is long-held one, and nowhere more so than in the streets of Italy. Before barbershops existed, the smart and clever barber would roam around the city meeting the needs of customers, often becoming a friend and adviser while styling the hair.

Son of these traditions is Antonio Boellis (the founder) who appeared on the Neapolitan scene in 1924, leaving Puglia to find his fortune in Naples.

Some years later, his son Peppino opened a small barbershop in Vetriera Street and consolidated Boellis activities under one roof. Their services were offered in an exclusive and luxurious salon – the Boellis style and cut were recognized everywhere.

Now run by the third generation of the family, Antonio and Michele Boellis continue combining tradition and innovation and their men’s fragrances are sold around the world in the most prestigious boutiques and perfumery shops.

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Boellis Panama 1924 Eau de Toilette
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