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BAD NORWEGIAN was born after an excursion through South Africa. Nothing takes its toll on the skin quite like extreme lack of sleep, sunlight, and stress. Co-founder and former NATO soldier, Marius, discovered this first hand as he chased wild animals through the open wilderness. While searching for some relief for his overworked skin, he found that skincare was mainly targeted toward women, with almost no options available for men. The pink packaging, delicate jars and fragrances held no appeal for him, so he decided to create a line of skincare dedicated to men. It would be by men, for men.

Marius returned to Norway and teamed up with Castilnano Simoons, a like-minded designer, and together, they created BAD NORWEGIAN. They wanted a brand that represented clean functionality and classic style. A brand that spoke to the values associated with Norway: integrity, honesty, quality, and confidence. These values are present in every aspect of the product, the company, and its employees.

All BAD NORWEGIAN products are presented in functional, streamlined packaging, with a non-fussy design to reflect the purity of its contents. They strive to find the best design solutions for our product range, such as their airless jar, which prevents bacterial growth caused by air, light, and direct product contact.

Natural ingredients. Vegan and no animal testing. No parabens, alcohol, or perfume. Made in Norway.


Bad Norwegian Shave Face
Bad Norwegian Shave Face 50ml
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Bad Norwegian Stick Deo
Bad Norwegian Stick Deo 75ml
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Bad Norwegian Roll Deo
Bad Norwegian Roll Deo 75ml
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Bad Norwegian Oil Beard
Bad Norwegian Oil Beard 30ml
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Bad Norwegian Wash Body
Bad Norwegian Wash Body 250ml
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Bad Norwegian Wash Face
Bad Norwegian Wash Face 100ml
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Bad Norwegian Revitalize Face
Bad Norwegian Revitalize Face 50ml
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Bad Norwegian Moisturize Face

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