Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa was established in 1869 near Venice, Italy. The focus of business at that time was the production of quality hair brushes and accessories. Acca Kappa soon became the largest manufacturer of quality brushes in Italy.

In the late 1980's, Ms. Gera decided to expand the Acca Kappa brand in keeping with traditional principles; select the highest quality of raw materials, focus on simplicity in design and respect the environment. Acca Kappa now offer many excellent grooming and shaving products.

Acca Kappa is a family run business that spans four generations - the current President, Ms. Elisa Gera, is the great-great grand daughter of the original founder. "My great-great grandfather founded Acca Kappa in 1869. Today, four generations later, I'm proud to follow his footsteps as president of Acca Kappa, and uphold the long family tradition of quality, simplicity and luxury for which Acca Kappa is known."

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Acca Kappa 1869 Almond Shaving Soap Refill

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