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Royall Bay Rhum All Purpose Lotion

Royall Bay Rhum All Purpose Lotion
Product Code: RLB315

  • Royall Lyme Royall Bay Rhum All Purpose Lotion

  • Invaluable as an aftershave and body cologne

  • Salutary and cooling

  • Individually wrapped and wonderfully presented

  • 120ml glass spray bottle

  • Contains alcohol

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Royall Lyme Royall Bay Rhum is authentically prepared with the prized oil of Murcia Acris from the finest Dominican leaves and touched with a breeze of menthol, this adventurous scent is an ideal hot-weather after shave or cologne. Islanders have long treasured the extraordinary cooling properties of the bay leaf as an antidote to the tropical sun

Fifty years ago Mr. Anthony Gaade, founder and first president of The Royall Family of Fragrances felt the need to capture the essence and spirit of Bermuda in a fragrance line of aromatic products to share with the island and the rest of the world.

Even Mr. Gaade’s original packaging for the Royall Family of fragrance reveals his desire to keep the Bermuda theme. The handsome packaging is reminiscent of the Bermuda of old. The bottles are of semi-hand-made glass from original clay moulds with antimonial pewter-coloured lead crown caps. Moulded on each bottle is a crown and lime cluster with the words "ROYALL LYME" and on the bottom of the bottle "ROYALL LYME LIMITED". Each bottle has the fragrance name and crown in raised glass on the back, with a distinctive coloured labels on the front. Each fragrance bottle is individually wrapped in fine parchment with a crown wax seal. These seals are made with the same wax used by the Bank of England. Quality standards of care and attention to detail are found in every piece.