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Phoenix & Beau Trafalgar Solid Cologne

Phoenix & Beau Trafalgar Solid Cologne
Product Code: PBCOLTRAF

  • Phoenix & Beau Trafalgar Solid Cologne

  • Solid beeswax based cologne

  • 12g in portable metal tin

  • Contains no water and travels well

  • Apply to neck or wrists and allow body heat to release the full scent profile

  • Bright, fresh, and bold, coastal fragrance

  • Handmade in Hitchin, England

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Phoenix & Beau Trafalgar Solid Cologne is a beeswax based cologne. Unlike conventional cologne, it does not contain any water making it ideal for travel, effortlessly passing through airport security. The metal container and small 12g size make it extremely portable.

To apply, rub your finger across its surface or use the back of your thumb nail to extract a small amount. Apply to the areas of skin you would normally wear a cologne, like the neck or wrists. The warmth of your skin will allow the full scent profile of the solid cologne to unlock.

Each application should last up to 2 hours. You can fine tune this by layering as little or as much solid cologne as you like throughout the day or evening.

Phoenix & Beau Trafalgar Solid Cologne is a bright, fresh, and bold scent that is inspired by a love of the English North Norfolk coastline.

Phoenix & Beau have harnessed the sparkling green notes of birch and married them with fresh ozonic layers reminiscent of the cold north sea. Underpinning the accord is a subtle amount of rich and earthy samphire that hints at the creeks, harbours, and dunes found in abundance on the Norfolk coast.

Ingredients: Cera alba, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) oil and parfum.

Customer Reviews

Really great scent just like the soap.
That said it doesn’t last long. My first try with solid cologne and to be honest not sure I’d buy anymore of any brand.
Review by Alan / (Posted on 26/09/2018)

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