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Mondial 1908 Blossom Shaving Cream

Mondial 1908 Blossom Shaving Cream
Product Code: CL-150-Z

Mondial 1908 Blossom Shaving Cream

  • Traditional Italian style solid cream

  • Blossom fragrance

  • 150ml plexi bowl

  • Long lifetime

  • Excellent lubricity

  • Made in Italy


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Extracted from orange and lemon flowers, the Mondial 1908 Blossom Shaving Cream has a thick and lively fragrance. Mature and balanced, a charming note of jasmine flowers combines with that of rose. An olfactory treat providing deep serenity.

Mondial shaving creams are made to give you a revitalised shaving experience and a pleasurable morning ritual. A collection of fragrances from natural sources are masterly blended to produce heady fragrance pyramids - aromas that will give a deep sensation of comfort and awakening. Whipping up in just a few seconds to a soft and silky foam, Mondial shaving creams are prepared to a time-honoured formula without the use of preservatives. Carefully selected raw materials of vegetable origin are combined with refined oils and classical fragrances to give a wonderful shaving experience that leaves the skin feeling velvety and soft.