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Aftershave is a key ingredient in a top-quality shave. The most important qualities in a good aftershave should be its ability to disinfect, soothe, and fragrance. Of course, many aftershaves available on the market these days go above and beyond these simple tenets, allowing you to customise your post shave experience to the finest detail. Aftershave is probably the most popular post shave product due to these multifaceted benefits. View our products or read our guide on the best men's aftershave to help you decide.

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D R Harris Arlington Aftershave 100ml
D R Harris Arlington Aftershave 100ml
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D R Harris Arlington Aftershave Milk 100ml
D R Harris Arlington Aftershave Milk 100ml
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Aftershaves for men vary greatly – from sensitive balms and lotions with great moisturising properties to old fashioned splashes with superb astringent and antibacterial effects. We have many different men’s aftershave brands for sale from around the world and our aftershaves are not tested on animals.


We offer classic splash aftershaves from Clubman Pinaud, Tabac, and Fine Accoutrements, apothecary style fragrances from Geo F Trumper, D R Harris, and Taylor of Old Bond Street, and even high-end hybrid products like this aftershave milk from Antica Barbieria Colla. You can also check out our many after shave creams, balms, and treatments for a more moisturising and soothing post shave experience.


Our aftershaves come in many different forms, from traditionally styled glass bottles that look great on your grooming shelf, to smaller plastic containers ideal for travel.


The fragrances of our aftershaves are even more varied than the form they come in. We’ve got traditional Bay Rum, the old school floral fragrance of Tabac (some might call it a marmite scent!), many citrus numbers, enticing barbershop style blends, and many more in between.


If you’re struggling to pick an aftershave, why not check out our guide on what to look for in a good aftershave, or our staff picks of the best men’s aftershave and post shave products.


If you prefer an after shave product that focuses more on a long lasting and intense fragrance, take a look at our colognes and Eau de Toilettes which are more focussed on fragrance rather than the other post shave properties.