Fine Accoutrements Marvel Closed Comb DE Safety Razor

Fine Accoutrements Marvel Closed Comb DE Safety Razor
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  • Fine Accoutrements Marvel Closed Comb DE Safety Razor

  • Based in New York

  • 'An engineering marvel'

  • Sophisticated and masculine

  • Efficient at tackling stubble

  • Precisely arched blade

  • Generously sized, comforting safety bar

  • Gleaming chrome finish

  • Clog proof blade gap

  • 87mm

  • 93g

  • Retro branding


Hailing from New York State, Fine Accoutrements are a favourite of traditional wet shavers. The Fine Accoutrements Marvel Closed Comb DE Safety Razor is a traditionally inspired shaving razor, designed with comfort and functionality in mind.

Fine Accoutrements are extremely popular within the wet shaving industry. All of their products truly capture the essence of a traditional shave - sophisticated and masculine with an unmistakable barbershop quality.

This traditional DE safety razor is incredibly efficient at tackling stubble, yet offers a pleasantly comfortable shave.

The product has been expertly engineered, featuring a precisely arched blade suspended over a generously sized, comforting safety bar.

Due to its ease of use and the convenient features that offer an excellent level of control for the user, this razor has been praised by both those who are new to the wet shaving and seasoned wet shavers alike.

The Marvel Closed Comb DE Safety Razor has been precision moulded using zinc alloy with chrome electroplating. It features a gleaming chrome finish, making it an attractive addition to the shelf of any wet shaving enthusiast.

The blade gap is clog proof, meaning this product is easy to maintain and guaranteed to be long lasting with no risk of a decrease in the quality of shaving over time.

It is 87mm in length and weighs 93g, making it perfectly balanced and pleasant to use.

For best results use minimal pressure and avoid over-shaving. This products pairs well with the Fine Accoutrements American Blend Shave Soap. 

Fine Accoutrement’s eye-catching branding demonstrates their passion for the time-honoured practice of wet shaving. All of their packaging is designed in a style that is a homage to retro shaving products and features the company mascot ‘Mr. Fine’, who believes “nothing beats a fine shave.”

Fine Accoutrements have brought traditional products back to life by updating old practices with new and innovative formulas, fragrances, materials and manufacturing processes.

Customer Reviews

Decent razor but poor build quality.
Bought as an upgrade from a King C. Gillette DE razor. The razor was much smaller than I expected, which makes it a little difficult to use, also the knurling is not very effective, with wet hands it will easily slip out your grip. Having said this, the shave it delivers is very nice, the large safety bars provide good cushioning/ protection from the large blade gap. It is certainly a more aggressive razor than my Gillette, but as I have a thick beard I prefer this, as the Gillette was too mild for me. My biggest issue is the build quality, the razor head when dismantled actually has quite Sharp edges, and there is a bubble in the chroming of mine. When the head is screwed onto the body it feels very gritty and not smooth unlike my Gillette (also made in China). For the price you can't expect or complain too much, but these are my thought. Given a choice I probably would not have ordered this had I know these issues. One positive is due to its angled head it make easy work of shaving underneath the nose, other razors I have tried often have difficulty here. It takes a little bit different technique compared to other razors but when used correctly it will give you a BBS finish.
Review by James / (Posted on 05/12/2020)
Great little razor

I got this for use as my head shave razor, I wasn’t expecting too from it, but tbh if this came out in Stainless Steel it would be my go to razor, it just seems to work without effort, handle could do with some more grip but for the price it’s a lovely
Review by Wmacc / (Posted on 04/11/2020)
First of all I have been using the wet shave products for a long time. So that I have lots of products and they are mostly quality ones. I was planning to buy this beautiful razor And test it as soon as it was released. The marvel razor arrived very well packed with the other items I bought . I was expecting the razor box to be more fancy and well built but the presentation was dull. The most important part is that the razor itself is really well built, fancy and good looking. Performance wise, it is by far my expectation and performance vs price point is awesome. It is aggressive but also forgiving for the novice. I strongly recommend this razor for every wet shave lover. For a quick note, the grip can be short for big hands.
Review by Hakan / (Posted on 18/05/2020)
Nice razor. Good build and finish.
Very pleased with this product. Sound build quality and flawless finish. The design is ingenious and has very distinctive, retro styling. Beginners should be aware, however, that it is important to pay close attention to the shaving angle of this razor to avoid it becoming a bit of a raptor. Respect needed!
Review by Peter / (Posted on 18/03/2020)