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Fine Accoutrements Classic Snake Bite Shave Soap

Fine Accoutrements Classic Snake Bite Shave Soap
Product Code: FINESBSS

  • Fine Accoutrements Classic Snake Bite Shave Soap 100g

  • 72mm x 22 mm soap puck

  • Presented in branded cardboard packaging

  • No artificial colours

  • Masculine fragrance

  • Menthol scented, cooling

  • "Yes Sir, it's as Good as you've heard"

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Fine Accoutrements shaving soaps and aftershaves are a favourite of traditional wet shavers. A sophisticated and masculine scented soap, formulated with tallow for an unbeatable lather. Snake Bite shaving soap contains no fragrance components beyond a heavy dose of menthol.

Customer Reviews

Have to say I am disappointed with this product. Having done some research found that this product didn’t have much mentol odours, and there is no image of the snake on the shaving puck. So sure if this is the real thing

*TESC reply: We purchase all our products through official channels so can assure you this is an authentic product. We are sorry for your disappointment.*
Review by Nirxm07 / (Posted on 12/04/2019)
Ice cold shaving
A really nice cold shave. I load a slightly damp brush with the soap and then lather it up in a mug. If you use a wet brush you'll get a pretty thin lather. The trick is to add small drops of water into the mug and spend a bit of time whipping up a nice thick lather. The soap is unperfumed....apart from the menthol element. After 3 passes the menthol in the soap my my face tingles and feels really cold. I finish up with proraso green post shave cream for an extra chill. If anyone is looking for an icy cold feeling after shaving, this is the soap for you.
Review by AndyB / (Posted on 03/08/2018)

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