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Bringing you the best from around the world, The English Shaving Company has carefully selected a variety of pre-shave creams, shaving soaps and post-shave lotions from our favourite leading brands, such as the Edwin Jagger Natural collection, Geo. F Trumper and Taylor of Old Bond Street collections.

These expertly formulated creams and soaps produce wonderfully rich shaving lathers to create exceptional cushion and glide. Pair with a good-quality shaving brush and razor for an excellent close wet shave and amazing post-shave feeling.

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Here at The English Shaving Company, we delight in bringing you the best shaving soaps and creams from around the world.


Perhaps the most rapidly growing section on the site, we’re regularly adding shaving soaps and shaving creams and are always on the lookout for new and interesting shaving products.


Starting close to home, a good number of the shaving soaps and creams we stock are made in Britain — check out Phoenix & Beau, Geo F Trumper, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Scottish Fine Soaps for shaving soaps made by proud and traditional British brands.

We’ve also got a strong presence from Italy — a country with a rich shaving history and shaving soaps and creams to match. These often come in the traditional ‘croap’ style — somewhere between a hard cream and a soft soap. From the saffron-infused offerings of Abbate y La Mantia and artisan creations from The Goodfellas' Smile to the popular, characterful stylings of Tcheon Fung Sing and stylish ranges from Proraso — we’ve got Italian shaving soaps to match all styles and tastes.


Our world tour of shaving creams doesn’t stop there, as we hop across the channel to bring you the best of French shaving. Martin de Candre has preserved local soap-making skills that have almost disappeared in today's modern age. Le Pere Lucien presents its wonderful shaving soaps with typical rustique French charm.


With more shaving soaps and creams from Germany, Austria, Spain, USA, Portugal, Finland and the Netherlands, we may be called The English Shaving Company, but our offerings are truly international!


See what other wet shavers have to say about the shaving creams and soaps we sell — the shaving soap reviews on the product pages are a great place to find the opinions of others and inform your decision.


Another great place for more information on shaving soaps and creams is our blog – take a look at Shaving Cream (what does it do?) for a more in depth look at the benefits of a proper shaving cream, or at some of our favourite creams here.


All shaving soaps require a shaving brush for use, and while we would also recommend one for use with shaving cream to achieve the best results, some can be applied directly with the fingers.


Seek out our aftershave selection to find a complimentary fragrance to your favourite soap or cream.


Whatever you go for, experimenting with shaving soaps and creams is perhaps the most fun aspect of wet shaving — don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy!