Stainless Steel Razors

Getting into the best shaving routine for you is a learning curve but luckily, we’re here to help. 

Stainless steel shaving razors are designed to save you money and make it easier to ditch plastic from your shaving routine, without compromising on quality. At The English Shaving Company, we stock metal razors in a range of colours to suit everyone from a host of brands, including Edwin Jagger, Muhle and Rockwell.

Stainless steel razors achieve a smooth finish minus the razor bumps. They’re the best tool to achieve a close shave. What's more, they easily glide close to the skin making shaving easier than ever.

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Stainless razors are famously long lasting and resistant, you’ll just need a replacement blade every few weeks or more, depending on your shaving routine. Not only are they high tempered, they’ll stay sharp for a very long time, making them a more cost effective option as you won’t have to change the blade as regularly as a normal shaver. They also don’t rust as easily when exposed to water and shaving cream which is an added bonus.

Stainless steel absorbs heat quickly, so after running the razor under a warm tap for a couple of seconds - you’ll be ready to go. Enjoy the sensation of a warm, relaxing shave.

Metal shavers are also fully recyclable so you can care for your facial hair - guilt free.

Here at The English Shaving Company, we always recommend a stainless steel razor. They’re a perfect and stylish option for anyone wanting to take their shaving routine to the next level.

Browse our extensive range of stainless steel razors today and if you’re struggling with managing your facial hair, don’t hesitate to visit our blog for more helpful advice.



Are stainless steel razors better?

At The English Shaving Company, we recommend stainless steel razors as the best tool to achieve a close shave.

Unlike traditional razors, stainless steel razors are resistant and long lasting - one blade will last you many shaving sessions. They’re also fully recyclable making them the best choice.

How long does a metal razor last?

Generally speaking, a stainless steel blade will need changing every 1 to 7 shaves, however this varies depending on your shaving routine.

Stainless steel razors tend to last longer than the average razor, one blade should cover many shaving sessions.