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So, you’re looking to style your beard or hair using special products. We’re here to help.

For hair care enthusiasts, you may already know this stuff but are looking for some new tips and tricks. However, for others, this may be new to you.

At The English Shaving Company, we stock a range of beard and hair styling products that’ll not only reduce itchiness, but tame flyaways and add a shine to your hair.

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Beard styling products are made from natural ingredients and they not only prevent beardruff and protect your beard, but give you some volume to work with too.

Our best sellers are waxes and pomades.

Soft waxes tame wispy hairs to leave your beard and hair soft and smooth. To use wax, simply scrape out a small amount, rub your palms together and apply - it’s that simple.

Applying pomade is a very similar process. A pomade has a lotion-like texture. Pomades are great to give you more control of your hair, so you can easily style it. Using a coin sized amount, rub the product between your palms and work your fingers through your hair starting from the bottom, this will make sure the product is evenly distributed.

At The English Shaving Company, we’ve tried and tested lots of different beard waxes, pomades, beard styling creams and beard styling sprays and we only stock the best. We also stock hair products, everything from styling dust to sprays. To find out more about beard and hair styling, visit our blog.



Can I use hair conditioner on my beard?

No. Hair containers are designed to be used on your scalp and they can often strip away natural oils if used on your facial hair.

At The English Shaving Company, we stock a range of products that will condition your beard. All of our beard washes have conditioning properties, as do our beard oils.

If you’re looking to use hair conditioner to improve the condition of your beard - stop and browse our range of products designed to keep your beard healthy.

If you’re looking to style your beard with hair conditioner, again stop and browse our range of styling products.

When should you use beard styling products?

You can use beard styling products whenever you like. Styling products add moisture and tame any stray hairs.

Beard styling products work well when applied in the morning as your beard is full of wispy hairs.