Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory Super Badger Shaving Brush and Stand (Medium)

Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory Super Badger Shaving Brush and Stand (Medium)
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  • Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory Super Badger Shaving Brush and Stand (Medium)

  • Made in Sheffield

  • Ideal for all wet shavers

  • Particularly ideal for those with soft, fair, or sensitive skin

  • Produces rich and luxurious lather

  • 21mm hand tied knot

  • Super badger hair

  • Polished ivory polyester

  • Accompanying drip stand


Edwin Jagger is Europe's foremost manufacturer of luxury handmade shaving equipment. Edwin Jagger products are crafted and hand assembled in Sheffield England, a city known for its rich industrial history. The Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory Super Badger Shaving Brush and Stand (Medium) is a high-quality shaving brush and stand which when paired up a quality shaving cream or soap will produce a rich and luxurious lather.

This medium size (21mm knot) shaving brush crafted using highly polished ivory polyester material is hand filled with excellent quality, hand tied, super badger hair, one of the finest quality knots you can find. It is ideal for all wet shavers and particularly anyone with soft, fair, or sensitive skin. 

The overall height of the brush is approximately 99mm/3.9 inches, with the handle measuring approximately 46mm/1.8 inches and a diameter of 33mm/1.3 inches.

The accompanying drip stand is made with matching ivory coloured polyester to produce an inexpensive but effective method of storing and drying your Edwin Jagger brush. It measures 75mm/ 3 inches height and 55mm/2 inches in width. If you already have an Edwin Jagger brush and are looking to purchase the stand separately, try the Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory Brush Stand (Small).

To ensure the longevity of this product, we recommend thoroughly rinsing the brush in warm water after use and hanging in the stand provided to allow any remaining moisture to drain off. Do not use with shaving oil.

The Edwin Jagger logo is clearly branded on the brush as a mark of authenticity, a finish that has come to be associated with pure class within the traditional shaving industry.

Please remember to register your genuine products with Edwin Jagger to benefit from years of world-renowned customer support and service at Register.

Customer Reviews

Edwin Jagger imitation Ivory super badger shaving brush & stand
The brush is great quality and a pleasure to use. I can fully recommend it. Good value considering the quality of the brush.
Review by John / (Posted on 28/01/2021)
Fantastic brush. A world away from anything synthetic. Great customer service all round.
Fantastic brush.. Stand adhesive sticker did not do the job but a replacement stand was sent immediately.
Review by Kenneth / (Posted on 29/10/2020)
Ivory Super Badger
Excellent soft brush great value for money including stand
Review by Mkjs / (Posted on 01/08/2020)
Loving the new brush
OK so I thought it was time to buy a replacement for my long serving shave brush.
Being a cheap one it always leaves hairs in the plug hole and after having my straight razors honed it felt the right time to treat myself.
This time it had to be badger hair and for the price superior was a no brainer.
I expected to notice a difference but I was pleasantly surprised with how well it work a good lather from my shaving soap (Mitchell's Wool Fat) not only did it get a smooth creamy lather with minimal effort it lasted well on the brush ready for a second shave should I feal the nead.
The brush itself was a good size and weight and was soft without any stiff bristles (most noticeable on a second shave)
The only down side I would add is the stand for the brush is really made to be wall mounted (and indeed has a sticky pad on the back to achieve this) but ifor those wishing to leave it free standing it is to lite and means putting the brush back becomes a 2 handed job. A small niggle all things considered.
Overall very happy with my new shaving brush
Review by Cpt. Bob / (Posted on 18/06/2020)
It's a shaving brush: it lathers. What more is there to say?
Review by What is a screen name? / (Posted on 15/08/2018)