Vegan Shaving Products Guide

We at The English Shaving Company are specialists in shaving and beard care with a massive range of traditional shaving tools and products. We have a large collection of vegan shaving products and have put together a guide on what to look for in your shaving and skin care range, including some of our favourites in each category. Vegan shaving products

Vegan Shaving


Vegan Razors

If you’re vegan, the most foolproof razors are double edge safety razors. You have to look out for products that have been tested on animals, but the components of a safety razor mean that they’re unlikely to have any animal products involved as they’re usually made entirely from metal. Double edge safety razors (or DE razors) have the added benefit over cartridge and disposable razors of being reusable. Only the metal blade is replaced, which can be recycled, making them the most environmentally (and economically!) friendly choice. They’re plastic free and ideal for making your shaving routine more eco-friendly. Try any of these vegan razors for a fantastic shave: Parker 98R vegan safety razor Edwin Jagger Chrome razor Red vegan safety razor  

Vegan Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes are essential if you want to improve the closeness of your shave. They lift the hairs away from the skin and help to create a rich lather with your shaving soap. Traditionally, shaving brushes are made from animal hair, most commonly badger hair. However, there are lots of synthetic fill brushes that perform brilliantly and feel great to use. Here are a few of our favourite vegan shaving brushes.   Edwin Jagger vegan shaving brush Ivory imitation shaving brush Vegan synthetic shaving brush    

Beard Care

Keeping your beard hydrated and moisturised ensures it’s soft and healthy. It minimises itchiness, helps to keep the hairs under control and makes your beard look great. Both beard oil and beard balm help to moisturise your hair. However, beard balm contains less oil and is, in the vast majority of cases, combined with beeswax to make it thicker and more able to contribute to styling. We usually recommend that everyone, vegan or not, uses beard oil rather than balm as it’s so much more effective at moisturising the hair — but you can use beard balm if your hair is particularly unruly and hard to control. Do be sure to wash balm out at the end of the day though!  

Beard Oils

All our beard oils are vegan friendly, made with a combination of different natural oils and essential oils. Try these three below:   Brighton Beard Company oil  black pepper vegan beard oil Proraso vegan beard oil    

Beard Balm

Big Tree Green do an excellent vegan beard balm containing no beeswax if you do want something that helps to tame your hair and contribute to your style.   Vegan beard balm  


The main ingredients to watch out for in skincare products are tallow, which is mainly used for soap, and beeswax — and to make sure that they haven’t been tested on animals. We have a range of vegan skincare soaps and creams available.  

Muhle Organic

Muhle are industry leaders in shaving and skincare products with a huge range of premium and high quality products to choose from. Everything in their organic range is vegan friendly. We’ve already featured their shaving cream on our shaving cream list, but they also do aftershave, facewash, shampoo, shower gel and face cream. We’ve included a few of them below!   Muhle vegan aftershave Muhle vegan face wash Vegan face cream                          

Big Green Tree

Big Green Tree are a specialist in men’s skincare, including shaving and beard products, and all their products are vegan. We love their body wash and aftershave balm!   Big Green Tree Aftershave Balm men’s vegan body scrub Proraso vegan beard oil                           We have even more vegan skincare, shaving and beard care products available on our website for UK and international delivery. If you have any questions about a product or want help finding something suitable for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team!
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