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  • How To Match Your Beard To Your Style

    Everyone has their own unique look. Showcasing your personal taste often means embracing a general style. From hipster to white collar, knowing your preferred style can help you to perfect your look and stay on trend. However, it’s not only about the clothes you wear; your facial hair is also an essential part of your image. Read our guide on how to match your fashion tastes with your beard to enhance your style. The Perfect Beard Everyone’s look is unique, but certain aesthetics call for specific facial hair styles to complement them. We’ve put together a guide on the trends you might spot in different fashion styles... Hipster Although the hipster style has actually existed since the 1940s, millennials brought it back with new vigour and it’s still in full swing. People of all ages embrace this aesthetic, but it’s largely young adults in their 20s or 30s. Often featuring...
  • Shaving Around the World

    Deciding to grow a beard or to shave isn’t just a personal decision. Without realising it, our style and tastes are shaped by the place we live and where we were born and raised. Every culture and locale around the world has a different relationship to facial hair which impacts the way we choose to wear our beards or shave. Learn about shaving around the world with The English Shaving Company.

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  • History of Shaving

    Throughout the history of shaving, beard styles, grooming and shaving have had major cultural significance. Beards have acted as a way to show personal and cultural identity, to mark belonging to a group, or to set oneself apart from the crowd. The English Shaving Company have compiled a guide to the history of shaving. If you think the hipsters of today value their facial hair, wait to you see how seriously some of our ancestors took shaving... Continue reading

  • Moustache Wax: How to Use Wax on your Tash

    We’ve written a lot of beard-related advice recently, but don’t want to neglect the glorious moustache! When it comes to caring for your tash and ensuring it looks as good as possible, moustache wax is vital. It helps you sculpt, shape, and care for your facial hair.

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  • How to Grow a Beard: Bare to Bear (in 5 Steps)


    Your shaving routine takes a lot of time, but putting that razor away and choosing to grow a beard comes with a different set of requirements - especially if you want a beard to rival the best! The English Shaving Company have all the tips on how to grow a beard including tackling patchiness and itchiness, and encouraging the hair to grow in the right direction!

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  • Beard Baubles and Glitter: How to Get your Beard Christmas Ready!


    If you have a beard, you’re already at the height of style. While you probably have a few ideas about good maintenance already, there’s no time like Christmas to turn it up a notch and ensure you maintain the highest standards for your beard. Whether you’re donning the beard baubles, shaping your ‘tash to rival Santa’s, or struggling to get the glitter out of your hair on boxing day, we’ve put together a few top beard tips for Christmas.

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  • Beard Styles of 2017


    2017 has been a great year for beards. Celebrities, self-proclaimed hipsters and ordinary blokes alike have opted for the sophistication, finesse or rugged charm that a beard can bring depending on the style. The facial hair trend began growing a few years ago and shows no sign of cutting down its pace yet (pun intended). At The English Shaving Company, we love beards. To honour man’s long-standing style companion and to celebrate all the facial follicle diversity of 2017, we’ve put together our favourite beard styles of the year.

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