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beard oil

  • Preventing Dry Skin

    Dry skin is a horrible condition that can affect any area of your body at any time of the year. In summer, exposure to sunshine and heat can dry out your skin, as can air conditioning, and the chlorine found in swimming pools. In winter, artificial heating, cold temperatures, and hot water can all damage your skin. The English Shaving Company have some top tips for preventing dry skin all year round.

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  • Dry Beard

    Having a dry beard is a common problem that can affect you at any time. It causes itchiness and discomfort, ultimately leading many men to ditch the beard altogether. However, don’t give up on your beard because it’s dry and itchy; we at The English Shaving Company have some simple steps to revive your facial hair, making it soft and comfortable again.

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  • Beard Wax

    There are so many different products available to tame, groom, and perfect your beard, it can be hard to know which would work best for your style and type of beard. This quick guide to beard wax will help you to discover all you need to know about beard wax and how it can benefit your style.

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  • Beard Balm

    What is beard balm and when would you use it? The English Shaving Company are experts on beard care and have all you need to know about balm.

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  • How to Grow a Beard: Bare to Bear (in 5 Steps)


    Your shaving routine takes a lot of time, but putting that razor away and choosing to grow a beard comes with a different set of requirements - especially if you want a beard to rival the best! The English Shaving Company have all the tips on how to grow a beard including tackling patchiness and itchiness, and encouraging the hair to grow in the right direction!

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  • Beard Oil: What is it and What Does it Do?


    A lot of men can get complacent about the maintenance of their facial hair. Perhaps you trim it occasionally or shave your neckline to keep it neat, but there are a lot more ways you should be looking after your beard in order to get the best (and most attractive!) look. Beard oil is one of the most popular products for this as it helps to craft a well maintained and groomed appearance.

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