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  • How To Straighten Beard Hair

    Beard hair can be unruly. While some men have straighter hair naturally, most of us have to tackle the frizz and curls when trying to perfect our beards. There’s nothing wrong with curly beard hair per se, but it can make your beard look messier overall. We have all the tips on how to straighten beard hair so you can take control.

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  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    It’s Mother’s Day in the UK on Sunday 31st of March. It can be really hard to find gifts for your mum, so here at The English Shaving Company we’ve pulled together some of our favourite present ideas so you can show your appreciation for your mum, grandma, aunt and any other important women in your life.

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  • ‘Spring Clean’ Your Skin Care Routine

    Spring is almost here. It’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning, freshen up after winter and get ready for the summer months. And this needn’t just apply to your house! Freshen up your beard, shaving and skincare routine to feel great this spring with our top 5 ‘spring cleaning’ skin tips.

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  • Why Is My Beard Ginger? (And Other Important Questions)

    We’ve heard a lot of beard-related questions here at the English Shaving Company, so we thought it was high time to give some answers! If you’ve ever wondered why men who aren’t ginger have ginger beards, or you’re interested in whether a beard gets in the way of kissing, you’ll discover the answers to all your beard-related questions here!

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  • How To Care For Your Straight Razor

    It’s vital that you maintain and care for your straight razor properly to ensure you get that smooth and close shave you expect from this traditional form of shaving. If it’s blunt or rusty, it’s not good for anything!

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  • Beard Psychology

    Your style says a lot about your identity. Beards, moustaches or going clean shaven are all stylistic choices that can affect the way people view you. However, beard psychology reveals that facial hair can have an even greater impact than you might realise. It subconsciously affects the way people perceive you including your employability, trust, social skills and masculinity.

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  • Date Prep Tips For Men

    February 14th is just around the corner so The English Shaving Company have put together some top tips for date preparation. Whether you’ve plucked up the courage to ask him out for the first time or you’ve been with your wife for years, putting in a little extra effort this Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your date that you care (and it can help you feel more confident too!).

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  • How to Shave Your Legs with a Safety Razor

    Double Edge, or DE safety razors are a fantastic way to shave whether you’re a man or a woman. Learn how to shave your legs with a safety razor, including skin preparation tips and how to handle the razor.

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  • Dry vs Wet Shaving

    Dry and wet shaving has been a debate among men since the first electric shavers were invented in 1930 and people still can’t decide which is better! Both have big advantages and work differently according to your skin type and routine. We’ve created our guide to dry vs wet shaving to help you decide which might work better for you.

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  • Brand Spotlight: Edwin Jagger

    The English Shaving Company stock the highest quality shaving equipment and beard supplies from all the leading brands so we can guarantee excellence. One of our favourite brands is Edwin Jagger. A Sheffield manufacturer of shaving products including safety razors, brushes, soaps and beard oils, Edwin Jagger is a fantastic brand to choose for your shaving equipment.

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