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The English Shaving Company

  • Beard Styles of 2017


    2017 has been a great year for beards. Celebrities, self-proclaimed hipsters and ordinary blokes alike have opted for the sophistication, finesse or rugged charm that a beard can bring depending on the style. The facial hair trend began growing a few years ago and shows no sign of cutting down its pace yet (pun intended). At The English Shaving Company, we love beards. To honour man’s long-standing style companion and to celebrate all the facial follicle diversity of 2017, we’ve put together our favourite beard styles of the year.

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  • Itchy Beard? How to Stop Beard Itch

    You’ve decided to grow a beard. Welcome to the club. It’s awesome to have you. Beards can offer a lot to your appearance, sophistication and look, but they do have a drawback. If you don’t know how best to maintain them, they can be itchy. This short guide helps you understand your itchy beard as well as how to stop beard itch for good.

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  • Gifts for Men: How to Choose a Shaving Set for Christmas


    Buying gifts for men can be hard (how is it they always seem to have everything?!), and Christmas is approaching fast. Whether you’re itching to put up the fairy lights, or if you refuse to even look at a red stocking until Christmas Eve, it’s the perfect time to think about presents. Be it a gift for dad, your husband, brother, or friend, a shaving set is ideal. It’s practical and useful, as well as offering that little touch of luxury. Continue reading

  • Best Mens Aftershave: Top 5 Post-Shave Products


    An aftershave is the final step in achieving a smooth, clean and close shave. It calms your skin, reduces the chance of nicks and cuts getting infected and minimises the risk of shaving rash -- not to mention it smells and feels great!

    But you have to get the right aftershave for you. This doesn’t just mean one which you like the smell of; it also means one that suits your skin, your shave and your needs. We’ve gathered up some of our favourite aftershaves to help you choose the perfect one for you. Continue reading

  • How to Get a Close Shave: 9 Top Tips


    There’s nothing quite like running your hands over smooth, freshly-shaved skin. Men have been shaving for hundreds of years, since Ancient Egyptian times through the Victorians and right up to today. Although razors and shaving products have come a long way since then (the Egyptians used clam shells!), thousands of men still suffer from dissatisfying shaves. We’re here to teach you how to get a close shave. Continue reading

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