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  • How Often Should You Change Your Razor Blades?

    You may have perfected a shaving technique over the years, but without the right tools your skin can still end up irritated and sore. Razor blades are the key component to every shave, making it essential that you know they are up to the job before you go in and start using them on your skin.  Knowing when and how often to change safety razor blades can be tricky, with the lifespan of your blade being heavily affected by multiple factors. It’s essential to consider the thickness of your hair, how often you shave and your shaving technique when deciding how frequently to replace your blades.  To help you make sure you are always using sharp and quality blades when shaving, The English Shaving Company has put together a simple guide to changing razor blades and how often it needs adding to your to-do list.  How long do razor blades...
  • What is the Most Environmentally-Friendly Way to Shave?

    Two billion razors end up in landfills every year which generates tons of plastic waste and has a significant impact on the environment. Plastic disposable razors quickly become blunt and rusty, meaning most people will be throwing away a plastic razor every couple of weeks. This short lifespan of plastic disposable razors has a significant negative effect on the environment over time.  Despite this, many people continue to use disposable razors due to a lack of awareness about the more sustainable and eco-friendly razors that are out there. You only need to head to your local pharmacy to see the huge range of plastic and colourful razors on the market that may look visually appealing but are in no way sustainable.  If you’ve been using plastic razors for many years and are ready to start reducing your environmental impact, there are plenty of more sustainable and reusable shaving tools to...
  • Home Remedies For Dry Cracked Hands

    Having dry or cracked hands that itch, swell or hurt can be problematic if they’re not dealt with in the right way and with the right products. Irritated skin might seem like a minor issue to those who have never experienced it, but it can get in the way of day-to-day life and severely affect the mood of those who struggle with it.  There is a range of causes of dry skin - from environmental factors such as weather or routine to the dryness being caused by a medical condition. Luckily, once you understand what’s causing the dryness there are a number of home remedies for dry or cracked hands that can help to soothe and, in some cases, get rid of the issue completely. What causes dry hands? There are a number of reasons dry hands occur, some of which are easier to fix than others.  Medical conditions Many...
  • Soap For Sensitive Skin & Eczema: What To Look Out For

    With so many potentially harmful bacteria and germs finding their way onto your skin in day-to-day life, thorough and regular hand washing is essential. While a strict hand hygiene regimen is important, having dry, cracked and simply unhappy skin on your hands isn’t something you should have to deal with. Those with problematic and irritable skin will know the struggle of having to wash your hands, despite how dry and painful the soap can make your skin. Whether you struggle with a specific skin condition like eczema or dermatitis or your skin is just prone to irritation, finding a soap for sensitive skin has never been easier. There are plenty of hand soaps out there full of natural, moisturising and balancing ingredients that can keep your hands happy and germ-free.  Which is the best soap for sensitive skin? Just like the face, each person’s hands have a unique make-up and...
  • Synthetic vs. Badger: The Shaving Brush Debate

    Synthetic shaving brushes make a shaving routine more effective, but how do you know which shaving brush is right for you? If you’re a fan of a good wet shave, you may already be using the shaving brush and shaving razor combination for the ultimate close shave. There are many benefits of synthetic shaving brushes over badger hair brushes, but what is the real difference between the two? We’ve compared synthetic vs badger shaving brushes to settle the debate and to help you choose what’s right for you. With so much to choose from, you’ll hopefully gain a bit of knowledge as to which brush is better for both you and the environment. The main types of shaving brush. There are four main types of shaving brush: Badger  Boar Horse Synthetic Two of these types are the most popular. The badger hair shaving brush has been the go-to shaving product...
  • How To Make Your Beard Soft

    A common question that men ask when growing a beard is how to make it soft. If your beard feels rough to the touch and quickly begins to itch as it grows then this means you need to take action. Thankfully, getting the ideal soft beard isn’t difficult, especially when you know the tips and tricks involved in nourishing and caring for your beard in the right way. First, let’s talk about some of the reasons why your beard might be rough to the touch. Why does my beard feel rough? You’ve started to grow out your beard and are patiently waiting for it to grow to your desired length. However, you’re quickly finding that your skin is becoming itchy underneath and you aren’t quite sure how the men of today manage to get through this itchy stage! Don’t be tempted to get out that razor however, as there are...
  • Should I Be Using A Shaving Brush?

    Shaving brushes make the task of shaving your facial hair much easier, and as they’ve been around a while, it’s clear that they are a popular tool in the wet shaving market. If you have a professional cut throat shave once in a while, you will more than likely see shaving brushes being used, or if you’re serious about beard grooming, then you might already have one! However, if you’re new to shaving brushes you are probably asking yourself the question, “Should I really be using a shaving brush?” The answer completely depends on your personal preferences and what you want to get out of your shave. A lot of men like convenience, and squeezing out a dollop of shaving foam or lathering up soap with your hands and rubbing it onto your face is the quickest and easiest way to shave. However, using a shaving brush has its benefits...
  • How To Remove Kinks In Beard Hair

    If you’re finding curls and kinks regularly, it may be worth switching up your beard care routine and investing in a couple of handy products to keep your beard in place. Here are a few things you could try which are likely to work for any beard type.
  • How Is Hair Growth And Diet Linked?

    Diet can affect a lot of things in your life: your hair, skin and energy levels to name just a few. A balanced diet can be of huge benefit to your facial hair, as well as the hair on your head.
  • How To Create A Professional Beard

    To ensure you can create a professional beard when you need one, there are a number of steps you can take to reach that end goal. Here are some of the things to bear in mind when you need to bring a little extra professionalism to your look.

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