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  • What's The Best Razor?

    Men’s razors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but choosing the right one for you makes all the difference when it comes to achieving that smooth, comfortable and enjoyable shave. So what is the best razor and what do you need to look for to find it?

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  • University Essentials 2019: Skin & Hair Guide

    Congratulations! You’re heading off to university. You’ll have loads to be getting ready from reading up on your course topics to sorting out accommodation. In all the busyness, don’t forget to stock up on your personal care essentials so your skin and hair will look great throughout the term ahead! Read The English Shaving Company’s guide on the best products to take to university with you in 2019 or explore our university checklist from last year!

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  • How Different Are Different Razor Blades?

    If you’re purchasing a double edge safety razor for the first time, you’ll have to choose which razor blades you want to use with it. When you discover the vast array of razor blades on offer, you might find yourself asking - how different are different razor blades? They can vary in price from 15-60p a blade, so how do you know which to get? This guide will help you to understand the difference between safety razor blades so you can choose the best one for you.

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  • Guide To Shea Butter

    Shea butter is a common ingredient in skincare products and you’ll find it in a lot of the shaving products we stock at The English Shaving Company. Discover what shea butter is, how it’s beneficial and why it’s used in so many skincare products.

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  • Best Premium Straight Razors

    A few months ago we discussed our top 5 straight razors for beginners and selected some of the best straight razors for those just starting out with this form of shaving. We also wanted to create a guide for the men who are already confident with straight razor shaving and want to take the experience to the next level. Read on to discover some of the best premium straight razors and bring luxury to your shaving routine.

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  • Travel Shaving Essentials 2019

    It’s June, which means that the summer holidays are almost upon us! Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to Europe, a camping trip in the UK or a sunny holiday further afield, The English Shaving Company have put together our travel shaving essentials 2019 guide so you can look fantastic no matter where you are!

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  • Vegan Shaving Products Guide

    We at The English Shaving Company are specialists in shaving and beard care with a massive range of traditional shaving tools and products. We have a large collection of vegan shaving products and have put together a guide on what to look for in your shaving and skin care range, including some of our favourites in each category.

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  • Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

    Father’s Day isn’t far away with just a few weeks until June 16th. We have loads of fantastic products that could make brilliant gifts for your dad this year with brand new ranges, premium shaving supplies and fantastic luxury grooming products. We’ve got something for every man and have selected some of the ones that we think make the best gifts…

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  • Aloe Vera Guide

    Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years because it has significant benefits for our skin and bodies. It’s cultivated around the world to obtain aloe gel, a natural substance found in the leaves of the plant, which is then used in a range of skincare, food and health products. At The English Shaving Company, we have a huge number of shaving and skin products that contain aloe vera. Read more about this plant and its benefits.

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  • 5 Best Straight Razors For Beginners

    Straight razors are one of the most traditional ways to shave and, once perfected, produce extremely close and smooth results. Many men love the ritual of shaving with a straight razor which often requires more attention and care than with cartridge razors, but feels fantastic. We’ve put together our list to help you find the best straight razor for beginners, so you can hone your technique and enjoy the luxury of straight razor shaving.

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