• What’s the most popular beard style for 2021?

    UK beard care and shaving specialists The English Shaving Company have analysed Google search interest to find the beard style that’s the trendiest heading into 2021. The Van Dyke is both London and the UK’s new favourite beard style. Peaking in popularity this October, the Van Dyke has just overtaken the Yeard as London’s favourite beard style. It’s also the UK’s most trendy beard, rising 24.5% in interest since 2010 - 10% more than the next trendiest beard style, the chinstrap. The Van Dyke is a style of facial hair combining a moustache and goatee, named after the 17th-Century painter Anthony van Dyck. Donned by popular figures throughout history, this beard-style is associated with influence and fame. Some of these notable people include King Charles I, Buffalo Bill and even Vladimir Lenin. A revival of the Van Dyke in Hollywood has brought this style back into the spotlight, with Pierce...
  • How to Shave With a Cut Throat Razor

    Cut-throat razors, which are less menacingly known as straight razors, can seem like an intimidating tool of choice for shaving. Rather than the usual handle and contained blade structure more widely used when shaving your face or body, a straight razor resembles a flick knife with one singular sharp blade that is used to glide across the skin and achieve an incredibly close shave.  Straight razors have been used over the centuries as a way for men to tame their beards. They have seen a resurgence in recent decades with more men opting for the traditional approach and steering away from the plastic and disposable options we see on the supermarket shelves. Not only are cut-throat razors far better for the environment, but they are also kind to your skin too. The use of a singular blade means your skin is subject to less friction and it allows you to...
  • Movember Moustache Style Inspiration

    November is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to get into the spirit of Movember. If you have decided to take part this year, it’s time to consider what style of moustache you are planning on growing.
  • Movember (3 Top Tips)

    Movember is an international movement of moustache and beard growing to raise awareness for men’s health issues. These include prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Movember is a fantastic way to raise money for charity, increase awareness and try out growing a moustache! The English Shaving Company have some top tips to help you this Movember.

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  • Shaving Around the World

    Deciding to grow a beard or to shave isn’t just a personal decision. Without realising it, our style and tastes are shaped by the place we live and where we were born and raised. Every culture and locale around the world has a different relationship to facial hair which impacts the way we choose to wear our beards or shave. Learn about shaving around the world with The English Shaving Company.

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  • Moustache Wax: How to Use Wax on your Tash

    We’ve written a lot of beard-related advice recently, but don’t want to neglect the glorious moustache! When it comes to caring for your tash and ensuring it looks as good as possible, moustache wax is vital. It helps you sculpt, shape, and care for your facial hair.

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