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  • Beard Germs: What Is Really Lurking In Your Beard?

    Have you ever thought about what is in your beard? You might have heard numerous horror stories about how dirty a beard can get without you even realising it. One thing is for certain though; the longer your beard, the more room there is for germs to linger if you don’t take the necessary steps to clean it properly.
  • How To Remove Kinks In Beard Hair

    If you’re finding curls and kinks regularly, it may be worth switching up your beard care routine and investing in a couple of handy products to keep your beard in place. Here are a few things you could try which are likely to work for any beard type.
  • How To Create A Professional Beard

    To ensure you can create a professional beard when you need one, there are a number of steps you can take to reach that end goal. Here are some of the things to bear in mind when you need to bring a little extra professionalism to your look.
  • Things To Consider When Buying Beard Scissors

    Getting used to the beard trimming skills needed to perfect your look is one thing that may take a while to master, but buying the perfect pair of scissors for precision trimming is something you can get right from the start. There are a few things you’ll need to think about before you make your purchase.
  • 12 Beard Care Tips For Christmas

    If you took part in Movember this year and you’re looking to rock the facial hair through the final month of the year too, you’ll want to read this. To help you look after your beard through the Christmas period and beyond, we’ve put together our 12 tips of Christmas to help you keep that facial hair healthy, smooth, and free of irritation.
  • Winter Grooming Tips

    As the weather gets colder, our skin and beard can suffer. The temperatures drop, the heating comes on, and you start to notice yourself feeling dry and itchy.
  • How To Match Your Beard To Your Style

    Everyone has their own unique look. Showcasing your personal taste often means embracing a general style. From hipster to white collar, knowing your preferred style can help you to perfect your look and stay on trend. However, it’s not only about the clothes you wear; your facial hair is also an essential part of your image. Read our guide on how to match your fashion tastes with your beard to enhance your style. The Perfect Beard Everyone’s look is unique, but certain aesthetics call for specific facial hair styles to complement them. We’ve put together a guide on the trends you might spot in different fashion styles... Hipster Although the hipster style has actually existed since the 1940s, millennials brought it back with new vigour and it’s still in full swing. People of all ages embrace this aesthetic, but it’s largely young adults in their 20s or 30s. Often featuring...
  • How To Straighten Beard Hair

    Beard hair can be unruly. While some men have straighter hair naturally, most of us have to tackle the frizz and curls when trying to perfect our beards. There’s nothing wrong with curly beard hair per se, but it can make your beard look messier overall. We have all the tips on how to straighten beard hair so you can take control.

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  • Why Is My Beard Ginger? (And Other Important Questions)

    We’ve heard a lot of beard-related questions here at the English Shaving Company, so we thought it was high time to give some answers! If you’ve ever wondered why men who aren’t ginger have ginger beards, or you’re interested in whether a beard gets in the way of kissing, you’ll discover the answers to all your beard-related questions here!

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  • Beard Psychology

    Your style says a lot about your identity. Beards, moustaches or going clean shaven are all stylistic choices that can affect the way people view you. However, beard psychology reveals that facial hair can have an even greater impact than you might realise. It subconsciously affects the way people perceive you including your employability, trust, social skills and masculinity.

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