Abbate y La Mantia Vulcano Shaving Soap 150ml

Abbate y La Mantia Vulcano Shaving Soap 150ml
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  • Made in Italy

  • 150ml tub

  • Made using saffron, macerated charcoal, and extra virgin olive oil

  • Italian style soft soap/hard cream

  • Chilli pepper seed fragrance


The Abbate y La Mantia Vulcano Shaving Soap hails from the centre of the earth.

As with all of their shaving soaps, the base is saponified with the active ingredients of saffron but this time with added macerated vegetal charcoal and organic extra virgin olive oil, also made on the family farm. This helps to create a wonderful scrubbing/exfoliating effect during the shave.

In addition, a very particular spicy chili pepper seed fragrance has been added - green and refreshing at first, before slowing spreading out into a warming, masculine, balsamic fragrance.

Wonderful performance coupled with a daily facelift!

Saffron features:

CAROTENOIDS - They fight free radicals, which are responsible for cellular ageing. They have antioxidant and anticancer effects and they help against the decay of brain cells. Saffron has the highest content of carotenoids (1000 times more than that of a carrot). It contains soluble carotenoids, so they can be very easily assimilated.

VITAMIN B1 - Very important for the metabolism (it transforms sugar into energy).

VITAMIN B2 - Necessary for  cellular metabolism, it strengthens the immune system and helps assimilate iron.

*VITAMIN B1 and VITAMIN B2 are present in saffron in abundance. Moreover saffron also contains a large quantity of vitamin C and B6.

SAFRANALE - It activates the metabolism, is assimilated very fast, and makes it easier to produce gastric juices which help digestion. The safranale is the element which determines the typical saffron smell.

Customer Reviews

Lovely and indulgent, with great skin feel
This soap comes in a metal tub, inside a very lavish cardboard box tied up with string, a bit of fabric in the colours of the Italian flag, and a bit of wax with the Abbate y la Mantia 'AYLM' initials on it. It's a bit much for a regular-use soap but if I was given this as a gift I'd be delighted by the theatre of it.

The actual soap itself is an Italian-style 'croap', or hard cream. I believe the soap is actually made by Tcheon Fung Sing of Turin, who know what they're doing with shaving soap, with Abbate y la Mantia supplying the saffron base (and the name). To use, I dunk the soap in warm water, tip the water off, and then start working up a lather with a moist brush. You get a lovely lather in seconds.

The scent is really interesting. The tin describes it as 'capsicum seeds fragrance' - ie pepper seeds - and it does smell like spicy red chilli peppers. I imagined this might be harsh (especially from the name, 'vulcano'!) but it's actually lovely and gentle. The scent lingers for maybe an hour or two, and is warming and pleasant.

Razor glide is good to great, though not quite the very best I've used. The real killer feature of this soap is how it leaves your skin feeling, which is very, very soft. It's up there with Mitchell's Wool Fat in terms of skin feel, supposedly because of the saffron in the soap.. My partner can definitely notice the difference on my skin compared to other soaps I use. Combined with the lovely scent it's a winner.

The only downside is the price, which really is up at the top end of shaving soaps. This is a high-end soap with a high-end price. That said, in absolute terms it's not that expensive, and I think the complete package makes for an excellent gift. If you have a loved one who shaves and would benefit from a lovely scented shaving soap - and really soft skin - in a very well presented package, don't hesitate to pick one of these up.
Review by Thomas / (Posted on 17/10/2018)
My dad loves this - he said it softens his beard and had the best post shave softness ever - he's been shaving 60+ years so he should know! Scent is unusual - chilli peppers and spice - nothing else like it, but it is very nice!
Review by KELLY / (Posted on 02/09/2018)
Lovely Soap
This is the second soap I have tried from this company. The soaps smell amazing and are very easy to lather. The post shave feel is great. This soap has quite a soft sent.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 04/07/2018)