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Abbate Y La Mantia Organic Pre Shave 100ml

Abbate Y La Mantia Organic Pre Shave 100ml
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  • Abbate Y La Mantia Organic Pre Shave

  • 100ml in glass bottle with pump dispenser

  • A pre shave cosmetic

  • Made from a base of three key ingredients:

  • Crocus Sativus (Saffron) Extract - creates a protective microfilm

  • Macadamia Oil - offers more fluidity and relief when shaving

  • Argan Oil - brings the highest level of hydration

  • Made with organic ingredients

  • Paraben free & not tested on animals

  • Made in Tuscany, Italy


Abbate Y La Mantia Organic Pre Shave is part of the 'Krokos Barberia' range - a collection of cosmetic skin care products for men using a base of saffron extract.

Abbate Y La Mantia Organic Pre Shave is a perfect beginning to any shaving ritual. A compound comprising three oils providing three key functions to prepare every kind of face for every kind of shaving product.

Glyceric Extract of Saffron Threads - Creates a protective microfilm on the skin leaving only the beard hairs exposed to the razor blade.

Macadamia Oil - This vegetable nut oil brings more fluidity to the shave and also relieves the effects of the blade on the skin.

Argan Oil - Brings the highest possible level of hydration. Nourishes and exposes the root of each beard hair allowing for a closer shave.

How to use: After gently washing your face with warm water, massage the product into your facial skin until you achieve a good smoothness. At this point, you should apply your shaving soap or cream as normal and commence your comfortable shave.

Made with organic ingredients in Tuscany.