Abbate Y La Mantia Matteo 9:11 Cologne 200ml

Abbate Y La Mantia Matteo 9:11 Cologne 200ml
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  • Abbate Y La Mantia Matteo 9:11 Cologne 200ml

  • Made in Tuscany

  • Formulated with saffron extract

  • Spicy fragrance

  • Natural ingredients

  • Anti-inflammatory 

  • Hydrating and moisturising

  • Top notes of orange

  • Heart notes of clove

  • Base notes of patchouli, myrrh, and incense

  • Stained glass window design


A family owned farm, Abbate Y La Mantia have been cultivating pure saffron for over 10 years among the beautiful Maremma countryside hills near Grosseto, Tuscany. The Abbate Y La Mantia Matteo 9:11 Cologne 200ml is a complex fragrance, packed with various spices and formulated with saffron extract.

Through their innovative products, Abbate Y La Mantia try to encourage male and female shavers alike back towards the wonders of nature. Each fragrance, each natural element, and each sensory combination will always be something experimental and unique.

The work of Abbate Y La Mantia is the result of a slow and traditional cultivation and harvest. Saffron Pistils are obtained from the dried flower stigma and are collected by hand to avoid damaging the other parts of the plant. To make a kilo of saffron, about 170,000 flowers must be harvested manually in six weeks (the flowering period). To keep the properties of the spice unchanged, the pistols are collected during the first hours of the morning.

Saffron extract contains many advantageous properties, it is packed with vitamins that are anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and moisturising, making it idea for use in skincare products.

The fragrance features top notes of orange, heart notes of cloves, and base notes of patchouli, myrrh, and incense. For best results, splash a small quantity on pulse points and allow to absorb. Reapply as desired.

This product pairs well with the rest of the Abbate Y La Mantia Matteo 9:11 range, including the Matteo 9:11 Shaving Soap, and Matteo 9:11 After Shave.

The cologne is packaged in beautifully designed glass bottle featuring artwork that resembles a stained-glass window. It is presented in a thick cardboard box to protect it during transit, featuring the Abbate Y La Mantia branding for authenticity.