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Abbate y La Mantia Don Jose Shaving Soap 150ml

Abbate y La Mantia Don Jose Shaving Soap 150ml
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  • Made in Italy

  • 150ml tub

  • Made using saffron and menthol crystals

  • Italian style soft soap/hard cream

  • Coconut & banana fragrance

  • A wonderfully refreshing shaving soap


The Abbate y La Mantia Don Jose Shaving Soap offer a refreshing and captivating fragrance of coconut and banana.

As with all of their shaving soaps, the base is saponified with the active ingredients of saffron but this time with added menthol crystals for a wonderfully fresh post shave feel.

Saffron features:

CAROTENOIDS - They fight free radicals, which are responsible for cellular ageing. They have antioxidant and anticancer effects and they help against the decay of brain cells. Saffron has the highest content of carotenoids (1000 times more than that of a carrot). It contains soluble carotenoids, so they can be very easily assimilated.

VITAMIN B1 - Very important for the metabolism (it transforms sugar into energy).

VITAMIN B2 - Necessary for  cellular metabolism, it strengthens the immune system and helps assimilate iron.

*VITAMIN B1 and VITAMIN B2 are present in saffron in abundance. Moreover saffron also contains a large quantity of vitamin C and B6.

SAFRANALE - It activates the metabolism, is assimilated very fast, and makes it easier to produce gastric juices which help digestion. The safranale is the element which determines the typical saffron smell.

Customer Reviews

Great quality soap with a great scent , I can smell both banana and coconut. Took 30 seconds to lather up and created a nice thick lather. The slickness was ok but not the best . I would definitely buy again
Review by Daniel L / (Posted on 15/02/2020)
Nice banana scented soap
Ok, this is a banana scented soap. If there's any coconut in there I cannot detect it even if I really try.
Menthol is nice and more refreshing than cooling, hardcore mentholheads will be dissapointed.
Good cushion and slickness, post shave is really good. Fantastic presentation too.
Review by Jason / (Posted on 30/01/2019)
Little disappointing
Faint banana scent but can`t really detect any coconut. Loads more menthol than I was expecting and it was almost as icy as Stirling MITA.
Review by Marcus Welby MD / (Posted on 08/11/2018)